Android Mobile Casinos

Launched by Android Inc. in 2003, the Android mobile platform is easily one of the most recognised platforms in the world. In 2005, Android was bought by Google for over $50 million and has since grown to be used on most touchscreen mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Originally, the only platform capable of supporting casino games was the iOS by Apple, but the introduction of Android changed just about everything, by creating more opportunities for players to access mobile casino games.

Android might be one of the newest platforms, but in the time that it has been around the platform has become one of the most popular. There are more than 1 million Android apps available via the Google PlayStore, as of July 2013, and there are more than a billion active users each month. With every passing year, new developments improve the platform and more apps are added to the store. There is little doubt as to why so many casinos choose to host their games on such a platform.

In the mobile gambling world, Android is massive. Each and every casino offering an app on the iOS platform also have an app developed for Android devices. This is because over 18 smartphone companies use the Android operating system and this means that more people are likely to play casino games using the Android supported mobile devices.

South African players have a wide selection of games to enjoy when they have an Android OS device.

The Best South African Android Supported Casinos

Since there are so many Android casinos out there, it goes without saying that not all of them are great. Our featured list of Android casinos is chosen because they offer exceptional gameplay and we consider them to be the best. Some of the factors we’ve reviewed include:

About playing Casino Games using an Android Device

You can easily say that every single casino offering mobile game allows Android device users to access games using this platform. These games are developed using HTML5 and this means that not only are the games fully functional, but they are also made to feature a user-friendly interface, easy gameplay, an exceptional range of games and all kinds of features. This platform will also allow players to pinch, touch and swipe their screens, just as they would any other apps on their phones. This feature also makes playing, and winning, games really easy, regardless of the games a player may choose to play.

As the initial platform to host casino games was the iOS platform, simply because it was the first one targeted by mobile casinos, iOS enjoyed the first benefits. Once Android became popular, the entire industry shuffled and more casinos began changing their games to suit Android devices. The reasoning behind this change had a lot to do with the immense reach that the Android platform has been enjoying since its launch. Just about every major mobile device manufacturer in the world uses Android across its range of products.

The other reason why Android has taken the top spot is because of the cost factor. iPhones and pretty much any devices using Apple technology are noticeably more expensive. Devices making use of Android as an operating system vary far more when it comes to prices and this instantly has an impact on the number of people playing mobile casino games. Basically, just about anyone can afford an Android device.

Why do players use Android as their platform of choice?

There are numerous reasons why players have chosen to use Android as their preferred platform when accessing mobile casino games. Some of these reasons include:

Which software providers use Android?

There are numerous popular software developers creating apps just for Android. But because there are so many, some apps are safe and reliable while others are not. That is the biggest downside of having too many developers. That being said, there are a number of developers who’ve earned a great reputation and who have become synonymous in the mobile casino world. Some of these industry leaders include:

How we select the best Android Casinos

There are many casinos using Android to support their mobile gaming apps, which makes it difficult to choose the best ones. We’ve taken the time to go through as many mobile casinos as possible in order to create a list of the very best. Our expert team has analysed a number of factors when looking at the various casinos, in order to come up with a comprehensive list which will allow players to make an informed choice before they invest their time, and sometimes money, in a casino which might just prove to be sub-par when compared to others. Some of the factors we look at when analysing a mobile casino include:

Our extensive background checks ensure that you can enjoy a relaxed experience whenever you are using any one of our listed Android mobile casinos. This will allow you to select the games you want to play, not based on the technology used or the security offered, but rather on personal preference, as you will already have all of the basic information you need. When selecting casinos be sure to choose the ones with a great selection of games, exciting jackpots, and a user-friendly look and feel.

Casino Apps for Android Devices

Most mobile casinos are going to offer an app for players to use. These apps will include all kinds of games and it is important to know how to navigate the app in order to get the most out of your gaming experience. Whether you are playing for real money or simply playing for enjoyment, it is easy to learn how to get the most out of your experience.

While playing for fun will give you the know-how, playing for money is generally the biggest reason why players choose to create an account and download the app. In order to play for money, you will need to make sure that you have enough cash in your account. You can check your balance and make a deposit if need be, by logging into your casino account. Once you’re logged in, you can simply select the game you want to play and start having fun.

Ready to start enjoying the world of mobile casino games? Download the app for the casino of your choosing and start playing!